Mechanism to promote the promotion of organic culture - written in 2017 Shenzhen organic exhibition before the opening

In recent years, with the country have promulgated a series of policies to support the development of organic industry, organic industry demonstration base in the provinces and cities throughout the flowering, the rapid development of organic products, market prospects.To build supply and demand docking, and further spread and popularize the concept of organic life platform, Also get rapid development.
November 14, 2017 to November 6, by the National Certification and Accreditation Institute, the Ministry of Environmental Protection of organic food development support, Nanjing National Central Organic Product Certification Center, the provincial and municipal organic industry associations, the Shenzhen Municipal Organic Products Industry Association jointly organized the 'Seventh Shenzhen International Natural Organic Industry Fair', will be held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center Hall 3 held a grand.
As one of China's top organic industry exhibitions, Shenzhen International Natural Organic Industry Expo is located in the forefront of reform in Guangdong, radiation Hong Kong and Macao, with China's most intensive high-end consumer groups, high net worth among the first in China, a natural organic Green product demand.
Huge consumption potential also attracts the world famous organic brand, and domestic organic food enterprises exhibitors, as the traditional agricultural province of Heilongjiang, Guangxi, Guizhou, Sichuan and other provinces and cities to take the lead in the government departments have participated in the exhibition from Europe, Russia , Hong Kong and Macao, and domestic electricity providers, micro-business, organic supermarket procurement groups have also registered, on-site supply and demand sides seamless docking.
Organic culture - make life better
Mankind into a new stage of development, pure natural, non-polluting organic products has become the pursuit of a consumer fashion.
But what is "organic"? There is a blind spot of cognition. For the first time in western society, the concept of organic life was put forward in 1995. People are looking at the healthy development and thinking that organic means only the aspect of diet. Domestic development also has the same trajectory, and there is a gradual process.
With the frequent occurrence of food safety crisis, pollution-free food and green food take the lead to become popular words, and organic food is the further distillation of the various concepts above.
However, organic food and pollution-free food, there are significant differences between green food.Scientific and authoritative interpretation of the view that organic food production and processing must be absolutely prohibited in the process of using pesticides, fertilizers, synthetic pigments and other synthetic materials, pollution-free food and green food is allowed Use these substances with limited use.
Therefore, the production of organic food is much more complicated than traditional food, and its high labor cost and low production indirectly cause the high price of organic products.
In the opinion of the person in charge of the industry benchmarking of the International Natural Organic Industry Expo in Shenzhen, organic is not an independent product such as food, but a brand new social culture and environmental concept that can rise to 'environmental protection and ecological protection'.
It's not just safe when we begin to understand the organic, because it is organic, it is organic, it needs clean land, air and water, so the land must be very safe and very clean so that it can grow organic Product, so the piece of land is protected. " Explain 'organic ecology' - it is a responsibility and obligation to self, family, environment and society in the process of human production and consumption.

Mechanism established
In the mid and late 1980s, organic agriculture in China started its sprout development. As a sign event, in 1989, the National Institute of Environmental Ecology, Nanjing Institute of Environmental Sciences, China's State Environmental Protection Administration joined the IFOAM International Federation of Organic Agriculture, An IFOAM member. In 2005, the state formally promulgated the "China Organic Product Standards". At the same time, the SAIC also formulated specific management regulations, which are the standards for all third-party certification bodies to carry out certification.
In 2014, the State formally promulgated the Measures for the Administration of Certification of Organic Products, and repeatedly referred to the "organic" in 2017, the central document emphasizing "ecological development and organic planting," the document No. 1 issued by the Ministry of Agriculture not long ago, Opinions on Promoting the Sustainable and Healthy Development of "Three Products and One Label", the policy of the domestic organic industry has gradually improved.
Globally, certification of organic products is the strictest in China, and a notable feature of the production and supervision mechanism of organic products in China is the inspection and certification system, quality assurance system and quality tracking system for organic products.
Shenzhen International Natural Organic Industry Expo after four years of development, has been recognized by the National Certification and Accreditation Institute and on behalf of the certification body, this year during the exhibition will bring the national organic product certification demonstration area to bring the organic products and countries The anti-poverty pilot pilot products are expected to 40-50 species, as well as from Heilongjiang and Harbin organic, green and local characteristics of nearly 1,000 kinds of products.
Since its inception in 2014, 'Shenzhen International Natural Organic Industry Fair' has been successfully held six sessions, from the first site turnover of more than 8 million to the sixth session of the intention of 220 million turnover, driven by the follow-up transaction is expected to 10 More than the exhibition, the effect of its trade and exhibition concept has also been the government departments, professional institutions and industry enterprises, professional audience recognition and praise.
Now the seventh session will be held, will be the main content of the dissemination of this exhibition to the new era of new opportunities for new challenges as the main line: in the main exhibition, will also hold the China Organic Industry CEO Summit.
This is the first of its kind in the industry and the first 'G20 Summit' for organic industry in China, including Zheng You, an associate of Zhenggu Agricultural Group, Vice President Zhang Youting, Hu Shan, the first organic man in China, and 20% During the summit, a total of five heavyweight guest speakers will exchange speeches on topics including brand building, mode exploration and channel construction.
'During the previous forum sub-forum, the theme is relatively fragmented, and this time, we hope to focus on a cross-border collision of ideas.In addition, organic exhibition as an important platform for the organic industry, but also have the obligation to spread to the public the organic culture, Promote the development of the national organic industry mission. 'Shenzhen Organic Show official said.
Policy system and the market mechanism of mutual integration, gave birth to the organic concept of food from the gradual transition to the concept of organic life in the consumer upgrade the moment, organic lifestyle really represents the future trend, is a new concept of life and values, To bring long-term impact to society.
Consumption is active
Based on the optimistic about the prospects for organic food, many domestic and foreign organic agricultural products, food companies will be the focus of the Chinese market as the development of the target, the current market hot degree, while in the domestic export-oriented organic enterprises, but also hope that the booming international The market looking for 'sea' opportunities.
As the forefront of reform and opening up, Guangdong is the metropolitan area with the most populous economy, the most developed economy and the highest consumption in the world, radiating to Hong Kong and Macao as well as the center of consumption and dispatch in China's organic product market and the bridgehead for international trade. Deep center for the establishment of offline sales base.
According to reports, the Shenzhen Organic Expo show this year will come from China and the EU, the United States, Southeast Asia and Taiwan more than 400 companies to display new products, the exhibition area of ‚Äč‚Äčover 10,000 square. Based on past experience, there will be tens of thousands of Professional audience admission exhibition.
In a sense, the Shenzhen International Natural Organic Industry Fair to provide consumers with a better choice for healthy consumption, more long-term perspective, in the whole society to promote a kind of organic life from the body to the soul state to help the organic industry from the policy, Consumers, the international market and other dimensions, to build a benign interaction mechanism.
It is foreseeable that the 2017 Shenzhen International Natural Organic Industry Expo will become an excellent opportunity for overseas organic products to test the water market in China. It is also a high-end platform for domestic enterprises to carry out trade and exchange, brand promotion and overseas markets.