How does gift promotion get the most benefit at the least cost?

Gift industry dealers should know that promotion as a product into the market booster, in the marketing 4P strategy which has a pivotal role.Therefore, it also requires dealers should learn to spend money, do big things to plan Promotional activities, the only way to get a greater market share.

First, the promotion should adhere to the 'two high and two poor' principle

Many dealers brand, often two, three lines of the brand, limited to the strength and size of the enterprise, often can not get more fees to do the promotion, for this situation, the dealer will want to think of some way. Business to do their own promotion, adhere to the 'two high and two poor' principle, you can overcome the shortcomings of the lack of cost.

The so-called 'two high and two poor', is the 'product differentiation, high price, high promotion, promotion of differentiation'. That is, dealers in the choice of products, to adhere to differentiated, because it is differentiated products, High-priced strategy; because of high prices, so there will be a large operating space; because there is space, so you can often do some different forms of promotional activities, but dealers want to make promotional activities effective, and finally make the promotion of differentiation.

Adhere to this principle, the dealer can not support the manufacturers in the case of small, their own independent operation of the promotional activities, so that the market has remained active. Of course, this model also has a premise, that is, manufacturers must allow dealers to Secondary pricing, which is the dealer must fight for a most basic authority.

Second, the promotion to the system, and insist often do often new

Many dealers in the promotional activities, due to the impact of manufacturers too deep, often lack of their own marketing system planning, manufacturers do, do, do not let do, and so on, therefore, the lack of long-term consideration of the market And dealers in the current fierce competition in the market, especially in the promotion of war to take the initiative, it is necessary to do the annual marketing plan to the market, but also these promotional plans to break down the quarterly, monthly, to ensure that the promotion of implement.

At the same time, dealers want to maximize the promotional effect, but also must adhere to the 'often do often new', in addition, do not be too short-term promotion, do not wait until the impact of competitors or hit, and only with the means of promotion to fight.In fact, Promotions have different positioning, that can impact the market, better cut into the market, but also can effectively combat competitors, but also can establish a brand image, to maintain product and brand awareness, reputation, loyalty.

Therefore, the promotion to maintain innovation, the promotion of competitors with the way, with the promotional items, etc., do not go to 'chew' people 'chew bun', which requires dealers need to use differentiated promotions to attract subordinates Channels and consumers.