How does the gift shop enhance the promotional effect

As the operator of the gift industry, do you worry about how to improve your shop business? Here's how you can use the bonus points to improve the success rate of promotions.

Points bonus for gift shop for membership activities, but also suitable for timely sales on the spot, to stimulate a large single production.

The points include the collection of scores and the collection of vouchers, the former for the purchase of a certain amount or amount, you can get different levels of the cumulative score, and then according to the standard to obtain the corresponding gift; the latter is only a form, the score into a certificate , Such as a sufficient amount of posters, you can exchange the corresponding gift or lower discount. The former is more adaptable, while the latter is to bring the industry or product characteristics.

Points promotion is for products with large sales, because only consumers already have enough demand, on this basis to stimulate a buying impulse, if the product is not sold, it shows that consumers less or consumption Not so, then this situation can not cause the consumer's interest, it will not achieve the desired effect.

The promotion of the need for a certain period of time, so it is suitable for short consumption cycle, the purchase of high frequency, the purchase of large products, such as middle and low products, so that consumers will be able to benefit in the short term; In addition, The prizes are the fundamental purpose of attracting consumers to participate in the way, and participation and exchange is related to the convenience of promotion, otherwise it will also reduce the effect.