China original in the home appliance industry a comprehensive super foreign brands

Chinese enterprises in the global home appliance industry, has come to many world-class foreign brands in front of the use of just a short period of ten years, then successfully beyond a number of half a century or even a century of history of the world big, from followers to The gorgeous transformation of the leader ...The world's home appliance high-end finalist is the most exciting scene, the Chinese original has been successful stand on the whole industry chain of technological innovation pyramid tip, exclusive high-end brand premium, leading the world's high-end elite group consumption trend, from the high-end era into the high Value of the times, exclaimed that the high-end home appliances industry and high-value era pioneer, not someone else, is the Casa emperor.

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Over the past three to five years, in the world of high-end home appliance market, with many foreign brands in the market competition in the overall decline, the market downturn against the line, Casa Dili is the outbreak of an inventive technology based on the original product revolution, to achieve new status, Image, the establishment and remodeling of new models to achieve high-end home appliance market share in the world continue to high-speed expansion, so that the elite groups of Chinese products thumbs up.

This year ago 5Month, in a foreign brand decline in the channel, Casa Di realize 2The number of bits of growth; which, in the refrigerator industry Casa Dili's average unit price is the industry 2.7Times, foreign brands 1.3Times; washing machine industry, Casa Imperial average price is the industry 2.1Times, is the foreign brand 1.9Times

This is the development of China's home appliance industry 30Over the years, there has never been a scene 10Over the years to high-end consumer as the main line, through the invention of technology, original products, brand premium, high-end eco-circle and intelligent manufacturing and other pillars continue to the world's high-end charge, with gains the world's first Chinese original boutique, successfully reversed Made in China low-cost, low-end stereotypes stereotypes, breaking the world's big blockade blockade, so that China's home appliances to enjoy the price has never been a premium, the world's high-end brand peak.

Ten years of Chinese original repel a hundred years the world foreign brands

If there is no Casa emperor, the Chinese brand in the world of high-end brand of home appliances is blank, Casa Di in the global appliance industry stopped 'unique ' Location is not subjective imagination, but by the original technology, the product released by the explosive, subversive force pushed to the foreground, the world's most cutting-edge R & D strength, cutting-edge technology and even world-class foreign brands can not hold a candle, and thus in the incandescent global market Confrontation.

In recent years, Casa Dili in the refrigerator, washing machines, air conditioners, wine cabinets and other areas with the world's only original products will be high-end market technical barriers once again high circle from the world's first cell-level preservation Yunzhen refrigerator, the world's first twin cloud skate washing machine , The world's first ecological breathing maintenance of the cloud-air-conditioning, the world's original solid-state refrigeration technology wine cabinet, and the world's first NOCO Ultimate safe bathing of the legendary water heater, the world's leading steam-assisted baking oven ...A number of original core new technology to redefine the next generation of products, and even reshape the entire industry, and sometimes let the Chinese brand is difficult to follow, imitate, but also to the international big name not imitate to follow, this is the past 10 years as the king of China, Pick the world's master and win the largest capital.

Yunzhen refrigerator and cloud Ding air conditioning, for example, the former storage 45The eggs of the day can sink in the water and hang on the egg yolk 3Banner, ordinary refrigerator far can not do, which reflects the first of the world's first air suspension of the oil-free power technology become 'Cell level fresh ' Era pioneer, which is the history of the world refrigerator is another milestone in the major scientific and technological inventions; the latter global original BNT Temperature self-balancing technology, wet and dry control technology, LIEP Light ion purification three major technology, 'Warm and wet net ' Integration to fill the gaps in the high-end market, completely solve the traditional air-conditioning direct blown the human body, dry and cold and other defects.

In addition, there are independent research and development of solid film cooling technology to replace the traditional power source compressor, zero temperature fluctuations, zero vibration, zero noise, etc. are world-class technology; Casa Dili original washing machine original technology, fiber-level care and other new Black technology, this one 6Years of innovation results successfully detonated washing machine washing new revolution.

In the world of high-end home appliance market in the step by step, some foreign brands forced market competition or directly from the home appliance industry, or retreated to the regional home appliance market competition, or sell Chinese enterprises to seek survival and development.For example, in China Home appliance market, Japan and South Korea, Europe and the United States Department of many hundred years foreign brands have been forced to retreat to the regional market. The foreign brands in China's share of the highest from home 50%Above, to the lowest when it is not enough 10%The Chinese brand, led by Casa de Dias, is a high-profile rise, with strong dominance in the high-end market, for example, the market share of Casita's refrigerator and washing machine 2016The industry downturn when the contrarian up.

In fact, foreign brands in the appliance sector in recent years, the adjustment is mainly subject to their R & D investment in a substantial reduction in new products, new technology, iterative innovation into a stagnant state, mainly rely on old products, old brand influence inertia development, This is a vicious circle; the corresponding is that the Casa original a new technology innovation into the outbreak of the new products come out endless and detonated high-end consumer market as scheduled, which can feed the next generation of technology and products. , On behalf of the Chinese brand overtake foreign brands have risen from the market scale to the core technical level, is an eve of the industrial revolution, but also the beginning of pattern reshaping.

In the famous economist Guan Yi Xin view, 'Casa is not only in the original home appliances, invented a series of new technologies, is also leading and leading the world's high-end appliances a new round of consumer trends and industry trends, and create a new world of high-end family life, the new trend. The rise of high-end appliances, not only benefit from their own technological innovation, product definition and user interaction, more importantly, a Chinese home appliance, Chinese brand global moment, is coming ' .

High value of the times to lead the future direction of the world's high-end home appliances

Throughout the development of the world of home appliances, every time the outbreak of industrial technology revolution, are the industrial transformation, iterative upgrade the best time.Now the Chinese home appliance brand is unprecedented enthusiasm for transnational, cross-border, frequently staged global overtaking, and Casa Emperor is this round of high-end expansion of the runners in the face of foreign brands confrontation, fighting opponents pick off, not by a certain point, a ring of luck, by chance, but based on the inevitable result of the whole industry chain competition , Where the key node is to seize the high-end user needs.

6month 22Day, in Zhang Quanling, Zhang Zhijian, Wu Minxia, ​​Wu Tong, Dai Quan and so on 'Life thinking home ' as well as 1200Vancouver emperor in front of the representative of the family, Casa dei original F+Free embedded in the refrigerator, fiber see the washing machine, the legend of the legendary gas water heater, 4Large new products, simultaneously for the global high-end users on sale at the same time with the Casa emperor 3CThe interpretation of the value system, behind the high-end user needs as the core of the whole process of ecological system 'Surfaced ' , Chilled, washed, purifying the three ecological circle once again set off the home appliance industry 'Ecological revolution ' .

Standing from the Internet to the Internet of things the forefront of industrial innovation, Casa Di is personalized, customized original products for the tower base to the Internet as a link to the platform will be distributed in the global high-end consumer groups community, flat , In the end of the continuation of decades of traditional manufacturing system, from high-end manufacturing is no longer just products, manufacturing capacity output, but the community economy gave birth to the manufacturing system of high-end, differentiation; the product is no longer a single standard Product, but a custom network device, is precisely the scene of the community experience the entrance; in turn, the user is no longer 'One-time transaction ' But instead 'Lifelong interaction ' The value of the user.

And foreign brands brand size, sales, the price of the downside compared to the first representative of the Casa Daxi this high-end line continues to continue to create a historical record, its 10Year continuous high growth had to let the world's major home appliance giant deep pumping a cold lump, such as Casa Dixi refrigerator sales growth in the European market last year 3Times. According to Zhongyi Kang data show, 2016Year Casita refrigerator, washing machines, air conditioners and other high-end products ranked first in the country, million yuan above the high-end market share was as high as five or six percent in the past is the Chinese enterprises 'Want to think of things ' . Chinese brands have long been more long in the industrial chain in the low-end hovering, high-end market, brand premium has been the Chinese brand of pain and short board, until the Casa Dili standing in the world highly defined products, leading pricing, so that the final full reverse foreign brands Become possible, marking the Chinese brand station on the global appliance competition pyramid spire.

Whereby the high-end premium of Casa Dei broke through other home appliance brands in China 'Limited pole ' , The horror of the people completely broken, so that the other side of the world's elite consumer groups to see the other side of the Chinese-made, completely reversed their past low-end products, low-priced stereotypes, and ultimately the world's top household appliances The value of the premium and the image of the Casa Dili brand on the same. The data show that in China, Casa Dixi refrigerator price is the market 2.6Times the price of washing machines is the market 2.1Times in Germany, Casa Dili refrigerator Billy Bohaier, Bosch and other German brands refrigerator prices much higher; in Russia, Casa Dixi refrigerator prices are also higher than other brands.

Invented the technology to bring the original home appliances, occupy the global high-end high-priced home appliance market, a place to capture many business elite and stars and other high-end crowd, this series of changes behind, it is the card brand for the user needs tireless investment. Casa Di brand has been established in the world 14A design center, 28A cooperative R & D institutions, with 300A number of international top designers team, integration of global technical resources, human resources and each of the global elite user connections, services, from the enterprise, product-oriented into user needs, customized products, to establish a high-end elite as the core of the user community Group interaction circle, which is the Casa Dili with eggs, coins, feathers and other scenes of experience to detonate the scene to achieve the goal.

From the world's first set of the whole scene interoperability of high-end home appliances sales to the world's first large-scale customization of home appliances production line, and then to the brand of global high-end strategy to detonate the card, Casa God really user-centric to build a cover technology innovation , Product customization, brand marketing to the service experience of the whole scene of wisdom life circle, fight back the final struggle of foreign brands, but also leveraging the whole world appliance industry operating system, business model and user interaction all-round change, obviously foreign brands have been card Sa Di throw more than one body position, the world's original high-end technology is also the overall level of elevation.