Why flat or so now is not so reckless to see?

The end of the week finally have time to clean up the messy desktop at home, and found in the corner of the flat plate has accumulated a layer of gray.Although the emperor air quality is poor, but eye-catching dust or success to tell the heart of the tablet Wiping the dust, boot to play for a while, then on the side to continue to clean up, the fate of the plate do not have to say - to start a new round of fouling.

I believe and Xiaobian have the same experience of a small number of friends, but hiding in the corner to eat gray plate of the brand and the number may be different.Then the problem came, why the flat to now not recruit people to see, only fouling The

Not my generation incompetent, the enemy is too strong!

According to IDC's report, the global Tablet PC shipments in 2008 reached 206.8 million, down nearly 10.1% compared to 230.1 million in 2014. By 2016 did not improve, the global flat panel shipments were 1.74 billion units, down 15.6% year on year in the fourth quarter of last year, global flat shipments of 52.9 million units, down 20.1%, which is flat shipments for the ninth consecutive quarter decline.

Flat-panel market downturn and the development of notebooks and smart phones have a direct relationship.As early as the flat plate is to make up for the lack of notebook in the portability and mobile phone screen size of the small shortcomings, but today, thin and light notebook in the portability and ease of use The performance is not lost flat-panel computer, smart phone changes are not only reflected in the screen is growing, as well as the performance of the upgrade can easily achieve the flat with the various functions in a strong opponent's double attack, the flat want to get out of a Their own way, it is more difficult!

Generally lack of 'skill'

Tablet PC is more like a magnifying version of the smart phone (still can not call), Lite version of the laptop (also need an external keyboard), in addition to their own unique skills in the market competition today, Apple iPad products in the fourth quarter of 2016 shipments fell nearly 19%, Samsung flat sales also fell, and the market share from 16.1% last year fell to 15.2%.

In contrast, some of the 'special skills' Tablet PC sales performance is still good.According to IDC released data reports, Lenovo and Huawei flat in the fourth quarter of last year there have been growth, that is for the flat The user is not no need, the key is to make the innovation is aimed at the user's pain points.

Price, the user is always the most sensitive topic

Today, many manufacturers want to develop a new generation of Tablet PC 'mobile office' of the main terminal, but the rapid rise in the price and no corresponding experience for protection.Therefore, in the case of almost the same price, or a large number of consumers are willing to choose thin Compared to the basic, after all, for the traditional PC form of the user is still very emotional (mainly used).

Finally Xiaobian, looking at the hands of the interface to enter the Tablet PC, only in my heart said on one: to sell it, put it more users in the hands of it?