The ultimate four-camera camera experience | Jin Li S10 today officially on sale

As the world's first four camera equipped with a smart phone, Jin Li S10 after the release in the world triggered a 'four photo' storm to Forbes, GizChina as the representative of a number of foreign media, both on this four photographed artifact And today, Jin Li S10 officially in the multi-home business platform and the gold line under the store for sale, holding money for a long time to buy fans can finally experience this four-tone mobile phone charm.

Hardware-level real-time virtual Jin Li S10 more beautiful people

Take pictures of the essential elements of the phone, in the era of double-camera in power, Jin Li S10 to take pictures of four shots, leading the camera's new trend.Jinli S10 four pictures with two cameras before and after the design, front camera with 20 million +800 Pixel combination, and the rear camera is used 16 million +800 pixel combination, four high-definition camera for the Jin Li S10 camera strength to lay a solid foundation, whether it is facing the phone cool, or record moving scenery, Jin Li S10 can be the moment The beauty of the clear stay.

Powerful four cameras will be fixed grid of the moment, and Jin Li hope that the user can change the heart of the heart.When the single-sided double-shot lock the front of the characters, the dual camera to collect the main data and depth of field data will be processed through the ISP, Hardware engine (hardware engine) within the independent operation and synthesis, to achieve the main highlight of the photo, the background blur.Compared to the traditional dual-camera rely on software for virtual processing, this 'hardware-level real-time virtual' More powerful, power, only before and after the dual camera + hardware engine to achieve this perfect real-time background blur effect at the same time, Jin Li S10 also supports real-time virtual adjustment, the maximum support 7 virtual, and manually adjust the aperture size, Click on the screen can choose a different highlight of the focus, so that Jin Li S10 can easily shoot the background of a simple series of SLR.

Not only that, Jin Li S10 also take full advantage of the four camera camera advantage, joined the 3D camera, soft beauty self-timer and self-timer and other personal features. 3D dynamic shooting mode can be formed through multiple dimensions to form three-dimensional images, breaking the traditional Of the two-dimensional plane shooting mode, 360-degree mobile phone shooting objects, the formation of a three-dimensional dynamic picture, by rotating the phone or sliding screen, you can display multi-angle details. Soft beauty self-timer according to the ambient light intensity, Light brightness, light natural soft, even in the dark backlight environment, but also to shoot a clear and beautiful photos, at the same time with a new beauty algorithm, so that the value does not stay dead, while the self-timer is the use of front dual camera, Can automatically identify the face to complete the focus of shooting, the user simply press the shutter, turn the phone, Jin Li S10 can be more photos through the synthesis to increase the photo frame, so that more people self-timer when the framing more complete.

Strong configuration and take into account the safety of mobile phone Jin Li S10 highlights cost-effective

At present, a mobile phone not only need to take pictures, but also the main stage of entertainment audio and video.Jinli S10 strong configuration, so that young people can enjoy the release of self on the phone.It is understood that Jin Li S10 equipped with 64-bit 2.5GHz eight-core processor, To ensure strong performance at the same time, to achieve low power consumption and low heat, with the highest configuration on the market 6GB +64 GB combination, while running 20 programs will not appear Caton. A series of powerful configuration for young people regardless of playing games or see High-definition movies, there are fun dripping experience.

In terms of life, Jin Li S10 built-in 3450mAh high-capacity battery, a larger battery capacity to ensure that the phone can worry about the use of a day, and even if the phone power shortage, do not worry, Jin Li exclusive CABC2.0 power-saving technology, according to Display content shading, automatically reduce the brightness of the screen backlight to save power, so that users even in low battery conditions can also be assured that the use of mobile phones.

In order to ensure the privacy of young users, Jin Li S10 also has a number of security features.To pay security, Jin Li S10 has to pay the safe, and can automatically scan the two-dimensional code security, not afraid of mobile phone wallet stolen brush.Data security, S10 has a private space, application locks, face recognition detection and other functions, the phone is lost, not afraid of privacy disclosure. Communications security, Jin Li S10 has a strange number of signs, harassment information interception and other functions, no fear of harassment information and fraud The

Personality is a unique label of young people, everyone wants to be different, for this, Jin Li S10 has cherry gold, dark night, indigo gray, primrose green four fashion colors, so that each young people can find their own Of the personality of color, and only 7.35mm ultra-thin body, whether it is handheld games or tight jeans in the pocket, will not make you feel heavy.

To the ultimate design, the trend of science and technology for the purpose of research and development, Jin Li S10 four camera, strong configuration and a number of security defense, so that this phone has become hot this summer, the trend of the machine and the official usher in today, Its 6GB shipped +64 GB memory version price of 2599 yuan, eager to experience the first user Jin Li S10, may wish to quickly go to the major business platform or gold line under the store to buy it!