Focus on Productivity ThinkPad X1 2017 Series New Release

Today, ThinkPad released its X1 family 2017 including Carbon, Yoga and Tablet, including three new products, which is the January CES exhibition exposure, X1 2017 family for the first time landing the domestic market.

X1 Carbon 2017 lighter and thinner than the previous generation, the thickness of 15.95mm, weight 1.13 kg. This generation of X1 screen frame is only 5mm, in order to make the screen more robust, surrounded by reinforced glass fiber frame; In addition, X1 Carbon 2017 On the basis of the previous generation, the use of carbon fiber to a higher level, the new process makes the toughness of the machine more improved. New silver color, in addition, the official given a single charge after 15 hours of battery life data.

Configuration, X1 Carbon has a total of i5-7200U / 8G / 256G SSD (PCIe NVMe) / 1080P and i7-7500U / 8G / 256G SSD / 1080 version of the two versions are available, priced at 9,999 yuan and 12,999 yuan.

X1 Yoga 2017 is still a member of the deformation, the product uses a 14-inch 2K resolution 97% Adobe RGB wide color gamut OLED screen (another 2K IPS screen / 1080p IPS screen optional), to give Visual design practitioners to provide colorful, high degree of reversion display. X1 Yoga 2017 keyboard in the flat mode can sink to ensure that users in the flat state will not touch the keyboard. In addition, the improved ThinkPad Pen Pro stylus , Using a new soft flexible pen tip, so that writing experience more natural.

X1 Tablet 2017 is more lightweight than the above two new products, is a two-in-one flat-panel notebook products. The product uses Intel's seventh-generation Core-i processor, weighs only 794g, the thickness is 8.4mm. X1 Tablet 2017 is the only One can expand the modular two-in-one flat-panel notebook, in addition to inherited from ThinkPad's full-size keyboard, but also access to the projection function of the expansion kit.

Three notebook products, the conference also officially ThinkVision X1 display, lightning 3 docking station, WiGig wireless docking station, X1 wireless touch mouse, earbud headphones and other accessories into the domestic, so that the product can do more scenes to be used.

April 18, ThinkPad X1 Carbon ThinkPad in mainland China all business platform, store sale; X1 Yoga and X1 Tablet will be on sale in June.