Huawei notebook: three to five years beyond Apple Lenovo HP into the world first

Remember that Huawei's consumer business boss Yu Chengdong said before the 'three five years beyond Apple Samsung to become the world's first slogan? This is for the smart phone business, Huawei is now ranked third in the world last year, shipments of 139 million, Apple, Samsung, respectively, is 200 million, more than 300. Huawei moving beyond the slogan of the first so that some people are not accustomed to, but in the Chinese people think it is part of their corporate culture, even if only a year into the PC market Of the notebook business, Huawei also made three or five years beyond Lenovo, HP and other companies, and Huawei will not do low-cost notebook.

At the CES Asia show, Huawei announced the domestic price of the second generation Matebook notebook, the cheapest version also 4988 yuan, the main business market Matebook X starting price will be 6988 yuan, high with version will be 9988 yuan, the overall positioning is not Low. Huawei consumer business COO Wan Biao in an interview with the media that Huawei in the PC field mainly concentrated in the high-end boutique, will not reach the low-priced products.

Huawei has entered the notebook market for a year, focus on the high-end market is no accident, after all, Huawei in the mobile phone market to build high-end brands, if the PC market price war, which is not good for Huawei brand image, but Huawei's goal Not just high-end market, they also pay attention to sales.

Wan Biao in an interview with CNBC said that in three to five years time beyond Apple, Lenovo, HP and other brands to become the first notebook market.He explained that once Huawei decided to enter a field, manufacturing certain products, their goal Always the world's first.

For this goal of self-confidence, Wan Biao said it originated in Huawei's continuous R & D R & D investment, Huawei's innovation ability, he believes that these have been reflected in the smart phone market, Huawei's success.

For the PC market, Wan Biao that the reason is the decline in the traditional notebook industry, lack of innovation, not consumers do not want to buy, he believes that the PC market prospects are still broad.

PS: Although only to enter the notebook market for a year, but the courage of the Chinese people, but to note that Huawei is good at the smart phone market is still growing, although the growth rate has slowed, but in the PC field, for many years The trend is to continue to decline, PC manufacturers have been miserable, but fortunately IDC data released this quarter, Q1 PC market growth of 0.6%.

Earlier news that Huawei Matebook notebook sales within a year is 700,000, lower than Huawei expected, but Wan Biao said in the interview Matebook sales reached their expected level.As a reference, Trandforce announced in May the world Q1 Quarterly notebook market shipments ranking, the global shipments of 37.811 million notebooks, Lenovo share of 22.8%, which is the Q1 quarter shipments at least 860 million notebooks, HP share also has 21.2%, Q1 quarter shipments at least 8.1 million.