Auto Electric Daily: Zhongtai car backdoor | 'Kinmen and Matsu shares'

In March, the car sales increased slightly. The main engine factory, Kinmen and Matsu shares announcement, changed to Zhongtai Automobile. General or will start the automatic driving car plan, another news that the public has started to start electric car battery research and development work.

1, March car sales rose 4% to 2.54 million

China Automobile sales in March reached 2.54 million, an increase of 4% (February growth of 22.4% to 1.93 million); passenger car sales of 2.1 million, an increase of 1.7% (February An increase of 18.3% up to 1.63 million).

2, Kinmen and Matsu shares changed to 'public Thai car'

Recently, Kinmen and Matsu shares issued a notice, announced the existing company name from 'Huangshan Jinma Co., Ltd.' changed to 'Anhui Zhongtai Automobile Co., Ltd.', while the company's securities by the current 'Golden Horse shares' changed to' Zhongtai Automobile This means that the Thai public car announced the backdoor listing.

3, GM will spend 600 million US dollars this year for automatic driving research and development

General Motors will start its auto-drive car program and will spend about $ 600 million this year, according to the financial media Fool website, which is understood to be the first autopass car to be an electric version of Chevrolet Bolt EV At the same time, the first autopilot Bolt models will be used in the carpool and taxi business, and it is not certain that the autopilot Bolt will be listed.

4, the public has started electric car battery research and development work

According to foreign media reports, Volkswagen Group has been confirmed for the battery factory site and began to hire employees.It is understood that the Volkswagen Group has promised to produce electric vehicles for its brand, this plan covers 30 electric vehicles, therefore, electric car battery Of the R & D is the key.It is reported that the Volkswagen Group has decided to be located in the Salzkite engine plant to the battery research and development and production base.

5, Czech Republic or in 2019 into China want to set up exclusive sales channels

According to the United States, "Automotive News" reported that Hyundai Group's luxury car brand Jeansen or will be around 2019 into the Chinese market, and will try to separate the modern car dealer network, with independent retail channels. Manfred Fitzgerald, director of the company, has yet to decide whether to export the Czech Republic to China or to produce vehicles in China.It is understood that, at present, the market in addition to the local market in South Korea, the United States, Russia and some Middle East countries. In these markets, the Czech Republic is sold through a modern sales network.