Cross-border electricity business new political transition period of nearly 1 year | Wu Cheng electric business | 'leave'

April 11, according to the voice of the economy, "World Finance" reported that since April 8 last year, China's cross-border e-commerce retail imports of goods to implement a new tax system, and the implementation of inventory management. Taking into account the market situation, a More than a month later, the regulators announced a one-year transition to the relevant provisions of the New Deal, and the transition period was extended to the end of 2017. Now the transition period is nearly a year, the media reported that there are 50% 'What happens to the whole market? What's going on?

New Deal transition period of one year five percent of electricity business 'leave'

New Deal on April 8 last year in the cross-border electricity business industry set off a huge wave of the industry said that last year, at least five percent of cross-border electricity business 'leave', still operating profit margins are also declining. That the real difficulty for cross-border electricity providers is the need to provide customs clearance in accordance with general trade requirements because an important way to purchase cross-border electricity is in foreign countries, which makes it difficult for them to get proof of origin And other foreign trade documents, as well as the issuance of trade customs clearance.In addition, the time cost also allows cross-border electricity providers can not afford.

China's e-commerce research center director Cao Lei said: 'to submit the material becomes more stringent. Cross-border imports of electricity is the pursuit of short and fast, foreign new, popular products out, consumers order, then it into But if it is in accordance with the traditional bulk trade import channels to go, it is very slow, it may take several months, consumers can not afford, they will cancel the order for the platform, will also increase the cost. '

Cross - border electricity business retail sales supervision model overall stability

March 17 this year, the Ministry of Commerce press spokesman made it clear that China's cross-border electricity retail business after the expiration of the transition policy, will be January 1 next year to take a new regulatory model. At this stage to maintain cross-border electricity retail Import supervision mode overall stability, the cross-border electricity retail sales of goods temporarily subject to personal goods supervision.Cao Lei believes that the Ministry of Commerce position to cross-border electric business retail sales of goods as the definition of 'personal items', from the short term, the industry is Good.

Cao Lei said: 'First, a lot of materials do not need so much prepared to reduce the company's operating costs; Second, reduce the cost of consumer taxes, shopping costs with the decline, reflecting the superiority of cross-border imports of goods. '

The regulatory model will eventually go to the sun

Some view that this is not hinted that cross-border electricity retailers import new New Deal 'relaxed'? But China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Research Director Zhao Ping said that the Ministry of Commerce this position is no new meaning.

Zhao Ping said: 'From January 1, 2018, in accordance with the '4.8' new requirements of the requirements of cross-border electricity business supervision, this regulatory model and the implementation of the current personal items as the main regulatory supervision The pattern of governance is different, and the current regulatory model for the handling of personal goods for cross-border imports is a policy that was implemented before the '4.8 'New Deal. The transitional regulatory model may be the primary Stage - the type of more, it is not convenient to classify such a case, a transitional approach. Eventually this kind of regulatory model is bound to go to the sunshine import channel supervision mode.

Intensive farming to come to the end

The future, cross-border electricity business industry will go where the industry generally agreed that companies should take advantage of the transition period, according to the '4.8 'New Deal related content on the standard. And, based on two aspects of intensive training: First, pre-sale experience And constantly expand the options and sites, or in the existing options and sites to do multi-level product system to meet the personalized shopping experience; Second, in the field of after-sales service, who can improve the online line of consumption closed-loop, who may Stand up to the end.