Cross-border electricity business 2018: companies said to worry about a year or two

March 17 this year, the Ministry of Commerce spokesman on the cross-border electricity retailers after the transition period of the overall arrangement of the arrangements for the conversation.Conclusion that China's cross-border electricity retailer transition period after the expiration of policy, will be in January 2018 1 to take a new regulatory model.With the approval of the State Council, at this stage, to maintain the overall stability of cross-border electricity retail import regulatory model, the cross-border electricity retail sales of goods temporarily in accordance with personal items supervision.

The position involves four major points: First, clear the cross-border electricity retail sales of goods 'personal items' nature; Second, the pilot city expanded from 10 to 15; Third, to further improve the regulatory model, good quality and safety risks Prevention and control; Fourth, the New Deal from January 1, 2018 from the implementation, and will continue to be effective.

Ministry of Commerce position in many industry seems to be important positive, but some people raised concerns.

Ministry of Commerce statement released good

'The Ministry of Commerce recently talked about the use of' personal items' as a model for the regulation of retail imports of cross-border electricity companies, The Amazon has been with the country's various ministries, departments and local customs and supervision have maintained a very close contact, follow this trend and actively cooperate. 'Amazon vice president of China Niu Yinghua in the Amazon Japan Pavilion on the line to accept the "Daily Economic News" interview, said.

Niu Yinghua said, 'In the past year, based on our practice, Amazon believes that if you want to better do cross-border business, you need to be more standardized, but also the need for higher self-discipline.

Netease koala had previously told reporters that the new policy is the point of 'cross-border retail goods according to personal items supervision', for cross-border electricity industry, this is the tax reform after the New Deal is another major good news .2016 "4 · 8 New Deal 'to tax the way to confirm the legal status of cross-border electricity business, but for the industry, the qualitative issue of cross-border goods will determine the positioning and development of cross-border electricity business sector, if it is qualitative Commodity, then cross-border electricity business may exist at the regulatory level relative to the general import trade unfair competition; through qualitative as personal items, cross-border electricity business will be the main consumption tax, was recognized as an important form of general import trade, This is undoubtedly a positive sign for the orderly import trade.

According to Netease Koala, the new policy emphasizes the strengthening of cross-border retail goods supervision.In recent years, the rapid development of cross-border electricity business sector encountered some bottlenecks, a large number of unregulated cross-border goods great damage The interests of consumers, for the national tax and industry self-discipline also formed a negative impact.Through strengthening the supervision, more stringent law-abiding cross-border electricity business platform will get more market advantage, which for the overall image of cross-border electricity market Will also be a positive role in promoting the recent Netease koala Haibao and state inspection departments have reached a deep cooperation in the commodity inspection, commodity recall and the first payment and other mechanisms are doing a positive attempt.

Tianyu International Deputy General Manager Xing Yue also also said that cross-border electricity business is a typical practice of the industry first, she said, from the announcement of '4.8 New Deal 'so far, the regulatory authorities after nearly a year of research and listen to opinions "I think the biggest difference between cross - border retail and general trade is whether the commodity has entered the domestic circulation area."

Good behind still worry

For the New Deal, China e-commerce research center special commentator, Tong Tuo Technology Group partner Li Pengbo that cross-border electric retail sales of the New Deal 'loose', but 'not completely loose.' Cross-border electricity retail sales are mediated In the form of general trade imports of goods and personal items between the post and the border between the follow-up on the introduction of customs clearance, to suspend, in fact, the country's imports of cross-border electricity retailers in the general trade attributes and personal items between the swing. The Ministry of Commerce's conversation can be seen, cross-border electricity retail sales have been identified as 'personal items' .Obviously, the regulation of personal items than the general trade to loose a lot from this point of view, the New Deal loose.

Li Pengbo further pointed out that the Ministry of Commerce's statement is 'temporary regulation of personal items', the follow-up adjustment, according to the actual situation.For example, if the cross-border electricity retail sales volume is too large, and certainly have to adjust.Obviously, The government's policy, enough to stay in the swing space.

'The new regulatory policy is to give all enterprises a very clear point in the customs, inspection, tax and other aspects of a clear regulatory model, regulatory ideas are more inclined to orderly, transparent, sunny and efficient: that was introduced last year Policy to clear the cross-border electricity business tax system, the abolition of the postal tax exemption amount, out of the past because of the tax-free bubble, to solve the problem of unfair competition at the same time through the tax protection of national interests, this year for the industry combed the standard , The opening of the cross-border electricity business regulatory restrictions, reducing trade barriers, help improve the efficiency of circulation, consumer choice will be broader. 'Foreign terminal founder and CEO Zeng Bibo in accept the "Daily Economic News" reporter Interview, said that despite the policy has been clear, but the next year or two enterprises still have great challenges.

Zeng Bibo specific analysis, said the first government on the enterprise made a new request, that requires the platform and the electricity business to assume greater responsibility for consumer protection: including aftermarket, recall, traceability, quality assurance, but this is the enterprise should do Of the things, which will accelerate the elimination of some do not have these services and the ability to do not have the quality assurance capabilities of cross-border electric business small businesses, many companies can survive this year and next year is still a question mark, but between giants and entrepreneurial enterprises Of the competition next year will still have a round out; Second, how to bring more choices for consumers, will accelerate the cross-border platform to upgrade their own supply chain, so that users can find more personalized options, the largest To play a cross-border electricity business brought about by the global commodity synchronization convergence advantages.

Although the Ministry of Commerce issued a positive position, but the industry is still worried about the industry insisted to reporters that the policy is still there is a place of uncertainty, such as the industry in the end of the general trade import impact point where? In particular, Import electricity business once the scale, whether it will once again with the traditional trade in the formation of the game at the same time he believes that the development of China's electricity industry for 15 years to usher in a comprehensive legislative era, and now cross-border electricity business only took 2 to 3 Year, it has introduced a series of regulatory policies and gradually adjusted to show the country for the cross-border electricity industry to guide and support the development of the determination.