Selling custom snack packs | Princess's first star co-store came

Princess grid first red shop, that is, with the star Yang Di cooperation Taobao shop 'Yang Di love to eat' officially on the line.

The grid is the import of food as a selling point of the vertical electricity business platform for the store to provide, including commodity supply, store operations, warehousing logistics and after-sales service, the selection by Yang Di himself responsible for the current, 'Yang Di love to eat' shop There are 36 kinds of goods, all imported snacks, involving lo mei, dried fruit, puffed food, candy and other categories. The main push is the image of Yang Di design snack spree and spicy cooked food.

And the network to open a snack shop, this will be a new game it?

According to the introduction, from the early negotiations, to reach a formal cooperation on the line, 'Yang Di love to eat' Taobao shop preparation work lasted for six months.Yang Di has starred in "Journey to the devil" and many other films, TV series, mainly in recent years to participate Variety show to enhance the popularity, including "Mars Intelligence Bureau", "cool food world" and other multi-file variety show, the number of existing microblogging fans in 1.5 million.

5 days before the shop line, Yang Di also microblogging made a warm-up video, access to the 140,000 forward and 60,000 reviews, far higher than his usual microblogging response.

According to the data provided by the grid, the shop on the line the same day, the store's sales to break a million.Interestingly, the reporter found that Taobao has another shop with the same name, as of the time of writing, the latter only sporadic single sales The

Princess said the 'Yang Di love to eat' shop will be the main expansion of the traditional food category SKU, the monthly plan for 1-2 times on the new, each on the new 20 SKU, the annual plan to accumulate the new 240 SKU. In addition, from the third month of operation of the store, the monthly will be phased out of the platform user feedback weak snack options.

For the next development plan, the relevant person in charge of the grid will continue to tap the promotion channels, and Yang Di to participate in the variety show to achieve tripartite cooperation to help Yang Di increase shop promotion and expose. And in the supply chain to improve resource optimization for him Of the personal characteristics of the selection of more new products.

As of press time, 'Yang Di love' Taobao shop sales of the best goods

At present, the grid also plans to work with the Chinese small Ming Aberdeen, Lin Shan Shan, Fang Meili, mushroom small elephant, cheap cheap, ng family of cats and other net red people, Ti Su, such as Han and other red brokers cooperation. Formally, in addition to open cooperation Taobao shop, but also the use of independent red card brand cooperation in the development, as well as in the live area of ‚Äč‚Äčexploration and other forms.

Network red, star Taobao opened a small shop has been precedent, such as small Cang, 2009 and other gaming network red in the game after the opening of the game Taobao shop, also opened another shop to buy clothing and snacks, while the food category Taobao Star shop is numerous, such as comic actor Yue Yunpeng open 'Hi Hi Pei Pi Yue Yunpeng Star shop', the main push Henan characteristics of the consumption of pepper and noodles, singer Lin Yilun venture to do 'rice Ye' chili sauce.

However, to do the success or not, the biggest difference is the star, net red whether to continue to participate in the depth of marketing, whether the product features, whether the team has a strong supply chain and operational capacity.

'Simply rely on the net red, in the food field is not necessarily effective'

As early as October 2016, the grid announced the acquisition of 100 million yuan A + round of financing, it declared that with the star (net red) to establish channels of cooperation is the focus of future long-term development, to ti Su as the representative of the Red Company is also its cooperation Object. Later, the grid for this alone set up the cause, named 'praise dream technology', has been in the layout of the domestic star, net red and up to people.

Grange home in the red economy to explore the origin of a long time.

The founder of the grid founder Li Xiao's wife Shen Danping is a successful example, she is 'Yan Gege' brand image of the prototype, very early on the social and fans, and even personally served as customer service from the circle of universal bird's nest knowledge, to Pro-test, recommend all kinds of food, health care products and cosmetics, one of her beauty equipment on the video reading close to 300,000, the ability to attract traffic as much as the road network red.

The grid is also relying on KOL to do its own brand, because "where the father" is concerned about the male model Zhang Liang is the co-operation of the object, the two sides together to start a light food and sparkling wine.Li Xiao told the "world network operators ", Because Zhang Liang has to do the background of the cook, the food is very particular about, plus the grid to run the endorsement of the family, the two sides can work together to shape the user's awareness of the brand.

The company has been on the line before the 'grid home' and 'global catcher' two App, through the 'supplier of a generation + self-operation' model to operate, Especially the 'global catcher', relying on KOL in the WeChat and other channels to obtain high traffic flow. And the depth of cooperation with the net red, perhaps in the brand and channel can be built.

The cooperation with the Yang Taobao shop, according to the grid home, is by the dream of science and technology self-channel group to operate, and the platform has the ability to produce transmission content, high-quality fans and influential individuals KOL signed an electrical business , According to its attributes to carry out business related business.

As the star, net red itself comes with traffic, with the form of cooperation can be faster cost-driven sales, although the net red Taobao shop is still the main clothing category, but in the electricity business channel to sell snacks trend has become more obvious. Snack sales cycle is short, storage pressure is small, the higher the purchase rate, lower purchase threshold, but the customer unit price is relatively low.Gige home to cooperate with the net red to achieve flow, which also test their own fans consumption decision-making Influence.

In an interview with the "world network business" reporter interview, Li Xiao said: 'simply rely on the net red, not necessarily effective in the food field. Food is to eat their own, so good to eat to know, the general sense of the net red, Not necessarily be able to drive food to buy. 'Granger home may need more food consumption opinion leaders.

At present, the grid of the cooperation of the star, net red in addition to Yang Di before the food on the variety show, Zhang Liang has food properties, the rest of the rest is not in the field of food advice has been made on the line of the initial sales success Continuation, still worth the test.