Difficult to break the habitat of sharing of bicycles

But the sharing of bicycles in the domestic development is not mature, there are still flaws in the mode of operation, not yet, but also to the development of bicycles, To find a suitable profit model, why eager to pursue overseas markets? In the face of international market competition pressure and national policy differences, sharing bicycles and whether the same as in the country to flourish?

Capital requirements

According to a recent report by the New York Post, at least five companies are selling the market for shared bicycles. Spin, Noa Technologies, and BlueGoGo from China, Plans to put thousands of bicycles to New York's busiest streets in the coming weeks.

In addition to the United States, ofo, moigh and small blue bikes also to seize the market war burned to the British According to the "Sunday Times" reported that the London Department of Transportation (TFL) officials have met with representatives of the three companies to discuss They bring the shared bicycle business into the UK capital and compete with existing local services.

In fact, the sharing of bicycles in the country has not yet mature, can not wait to go overseas, which is why? US Georgia Group experts, electric business analyst Yang World in an interview with the Beijing Chinese Commercial News reporter said, 'the brands have fought The direct cause of overseas is capital demand.

Share the cycling industry, the recent financing enthusiasm is busy, such as ofo, recently came its news is raising a new round of financing.However, a new round of financing is not optimistic, the high rate of damage seems to affect the investor's determination, resulting in ofo After the news of a new round of financing spread of the delay can not land this time, ofo some of the actions in the US market may be able to give investors new confidence.

In addition, although the sharing of bicycles in the domestic development is not mature, but the current situation, people share the high degree of sharing of bicycles, compared to foreign shared bicycle market, the domestic market can be said to be thriving, 'shared bicycle The rapid development of Chinese enterprises in the international community have a certain right to speak '.

Yang world that the brand so urgent to open up overseas markets there is one of the most important reason is the 'business strategy needs'.

'In the domestic market tends to saturation of the status quo, to open up overseas markets is a breakthrough opportunity to achieve, especially in this development is not entirely on the market, who will enter the first to occupy a certain opportunity, whether it is to expand the market Size, or enhance the brand effect are in line with the development strategy of enterprises, "Yang World explained.

The model is hard to break

'Share the car eager to go abroad, the profit is not their primary purpose.Currently, the international market is still blank, the domestic brands to actively put the product abroad to capture the market, endorsement for the brand'. Feng Huakui in an interview with the Beijing Chinese Commercial News reporter said.

'So, now they are the most important development for the difference between the overseas market, the right medicine, to develop appropriate business model', Feng Huakui analysis Road.

The Sunday Times reported that theo was being piloted in Cambridge and initially put 500 small yellow cars, and the free trial was available in the first few weeks, after 50 pence in half an hour.

"We are going to introduce bicycles in phases in the coming months.We chose Cambridge because it provided a good infrastructure for cycling, and the percentage of local riders was also the highest in the UK."

Shared bicycles are not purely Internet models, it is based on the size of the city, the size of the 'Internet +' enterprises, so its small and medium cities and rural areas, not only put high cost, low usage, will consume a lot of manpower, High coverage. To the overseas population is densely populated, the economically developed mega-city is the future of shared bicycle development.

Ofo plans to put 50,000 bicycles in 10 cities in the US by July of this year, and heo, the founder of ofo, said that thanks to the well-established and low-cost production system in the country, ofo only needed $ 100 in China , The cost of each bicycle is $ 300. Pricing is $ 1 per half hour or $ 1 per hour, while the US may take $ 1 to win the market. , In the United States is still higher than the domestic pricing, profits are more impressive.


Shared bikes in overseas operations The first challenge is the competitive pressure from local companies. Sharing bicycles is nothing new in foreign countries. In May 2012, Citibank and New York City reached an agreement with $ 41 million to sponsor Citi Bike's future five Year operation. Since May 2013, Citi Bike has launched 330 sites and 5,000 bicycles, launched the same day there are 16,000 members registered.

Citi Bike is popular in the market, but it can not make up for its financial losses on the financial performance, according to statistics, operating for so many years Citi Bike is still at a loss, the annual loss is estimated at millions of dollars.

Feng Huakui that the sharing of bicycles in overseas development or will encounter no small obstruction, 'and because each country's situation is different, but also specific problems specific analysis'.

Huge operating and maintenance costs and cycling costs are important reasons for crushing these US businesses, and Chinese companies can not avoid these problems.

Sharing bicycles can be recognized in the domestic market is inseparable from the government's support, but in foreign countries, the control of the bicycle and the domestic different.For example, in the United States, riding a bicycle there are many rules: the headlights of the bike requirements to illuminate the road , Can be seen at 300 feet; the red light of the bike must be seen at 500 feet at the light of the car's light; the car's stirrup must have a white or yellow reflector, 200 feet from the front and back Can be seen.

It is illegal to ride a bicycle on a road that is dark on the UK, but the power of the ofoo is battery-powered, and the battery life is two to three months. If the battery is exhausted, it can only be reported by the employee or the user. The local Santander Cycles use generators to power, and as long as someone is riding, the lights will light.

In addition to the requirements on the bike hardware, sharing the bike will also face the challenge of concept.

Some British officials and activists are concerned that these bicycles will be parked on sidewalks, streets and parks, which will affect people's travels and the beauty of the city, and even some Members have suggested drafting legislation that defines the business of these companies as illegal or at least Let them be strictly regulated.

And many foreigners on the concept of the bike is different from the Chinese people in their view, riding a bike is a healthy way of life, rather than the bike is a means of transport as it is a fitness tool, which determines the sharing of bicycles The demand may not be as big as the Chinese market.

However, Yang's view of the overseas tour of shared bicycles is more optimistic, he believes, 'shared bicycle long-term development is the core of the consumer group credit level in many countries, from the date of birth of the citizens, accompanied by his Personal credit records. Foreign sound credit system greatly reduces the cost of sharing bicycles, and therefore more conducive to enterprise development '.