Real estate agency Wukong find room to get tens of millions of dollars Pre-C round of financing

Today, 36 krypton was informed that the real estate intermediary open platform 'Wukong looking for housing' recently completed tens of millions of dollars Pre-C round of financing. The current round of financing by the Chinese development leader, the Northern Lights Venture Capital, letter capital, SIG and other institutions with the vote , The public commentator founder Zhang Tao also personally participated in the current round of financing. Previously, 'Wukong looking for housing' has received from the letter of capital investment in the A round of financing and SIG leadership of tens of millions of dollars of B round of financing.

36 Krypton had a 'Wukong looking for housing' was reported. 'Wukong looking for housing' was established in August 2015, is a second - hand housing transactions cut into the 'real estate + Internet' project. Founder and CEO Qian Jianguo told 36 krypton, More than a year since the last report, the company's rapid development, including the following aspects:

First, the city expansion is very fast .2016 early, 'Wukong looking for housing' with brand effect and a comprehensive standard of background services, first in Shanghai to store the concept of partners (referred to as 'WP', that is Wukong Partner), attracted a large number Small and medium-sized traditional line under the boutique intermediary stores to join. After 'Wukong looking for housing' through the city partner model fully expanded, that is, in a other city or region, selected a boutique intermediary to become its local distributor, now Has covered the country, including Hangzhou, Nanjing, Suzhou, Kunming and other domestic nearly 40 cities, and an increase of 15 stores, every 15 days a new city to expand the pace of steady development.

Second, the new home network effect is obvious. 'Wukong looking for housing' thousands of stores and covering the whole country, attracting the attention of many real estate developers, commissioned as a new network sales channels; the same time, the platform of new houses and attract those Qian Jianguo said, 'Wukong looking for housing' new home transactions in Shanghai has entered the top three, in Nantong, Ningbo, Jiaxing, Haining's ranking is also in a leading position.It is reported that the new house of the new house Sales have accounted for 40% of the entire platform.

Third, 'good broker' new project started. The team said that the traditional real estate intermediary to housing as the first element, but 'Wukong looking for housing' that in China second - hand housing non - exclusive commissioned environment, the real room The source is open, the real estate is the key point to find the right person in the real estate transaction chain, the user experience is the core of the link, so 'Wukong looking for housing' return to the nature of the service, from the broker to solve the user experience. , 'Good broker' project will be fully launched in April.

Qian Jianguo said that the traditional Internet thinking can not solve the real estate problem.Traditional Internet thinking emphasizes subsidies, online traffic and to intervene, only applies to the high frequency field, and can not really apply to low frequency, high passenger price and transaction chain is extremely complex Real estate industry.

'Line traffic and online traffic is equally important in the entire trading chain, from the user's recent is our agent.' Qian Jianguo introduction, 'Wukong looking for room' attaches great importance to the broker's self-marketing effect. In addition to the broker to provide a better source and docking and management, to help brokers efficient operations, but also from the content and channels for brokers to provide a convenient, complete self-marketing tool.

According to the information provided by the team, the company covers nearly 40 cities, tens of thousands of brokers on the platform; 2016 to achieve a hundred billion transactions, quarterly revenue growth rate of more than 50% in the fourth quarter of last year to achieve breakeven This year 's expansion plan is to cover the size of the city to achieve 100 stores, with a city of 50 -100 stores estimates this year' Wukong looking for housing 'number of stores will reach more than 8 thousand.