These familiar faces also play cross-border | they have what tactics?

Cross-border imports of the field of competition has been very intense, on the days of cat international, Netease koala and other giants relied on the capital and market size continue to oppress, under the various emerging business platform with different efforts to play on the bit.

This is not enough, many cross-border players outside the domain of the field is also eyeing, want to be in this piece of red sea and then a piece of land.

Today, billion state power network to find these out of cross-border areas of imports of foreign players.

HNA cloud business: from financial services into cross-border B2B

Hainan Airlines cloud business is the financial operation of Hainan Airlines operating platform for small and medium-sized foreign trade enterprises to provide logistics, payment, credit, cross-border electricity business platform and other aspects of import and export services. HNA cloud business in the cross-border electricity business chips are mainly HNA Group in the international cargo, warehousing customs clearance and other aspects of the advantages of resources, and intends to pay, credit and other financial services to start, and gradually enter the field of cross-border supply chain, and in this regard to make achievements.

However, only B2B can not meet the appetite of HNA cloud business, cross-border electricity business platform 'Hey buy' is born. It is reported that Hi-purchase for the self-mode B2C cross-border electricity business platform, the main sales maternal and child , Beauty, health care products and other cross-border imports 'standard' category.

In addition, HNA cloud business in 2016 to build a imported B2B trading platform 'puffin', the buyers and upstream suppliers docking, providing customs clearance, bonded warehousing, online settlement, supply chain finance, a generation and other services The

Carrefour's cross-border business began in Taiwan

Carrefour online mall has launched the 'global purchase' project.Currently, the global purchase of goods mainly from Taiwan Carrefour stores, including snacks, mask, beauty care and other categories.Caya Carrefour said that the future addition to rich commodity categories, The global purchase extended to France, Spain and other countries, Carrefour hope to get through the world-owned supermarkets and channels, in order to achieve the concept of global shopping integration.In addition to Shanghai, Beijing and other seven cities, 'Carrefour online mall' One after another landing in Harbin, Shenyang, Shenzhen, Nanjing, Tianjin and other places.

Chow Tai Fook in order to make cross-border, in the former sea repair a shopping center

Jewelry brand Chow Tai Fook recently opened their cross-border electricity business platform CTFHOKO, mainly from Hong Kong and overseas sales of infant formula, diapers and cosmetics and other imported goods. Chow Tai Fook also in Shenzhen Qianhai Free Trade Area to build a shopping center, For the sale of CTFHOKO sales of goods. Chow Tai Fook relevant person in charge said that in May this year, the shopping center of the second phase of the project will be put into use, is expected to have at least 50 retailers stationed in CTFHOKO.

Yuantong: Mom Inn for cross-border mall services

Mama Mall to the 'global commodity' for the business direction, divided into two major parts of imported goods and local specialties, category, including maternal and child supplies, beauty make-up, personal (self-employed) Care, nutrition and health care, home cleaning, global food, grain and oil seasoning, local specialty products, etc., has been on the line WeChat Mall and Andrews APP. At present, Yuantong mother mall merchandise part of the self-employed, part of the business settled.

In the WeChat side, Yuantong mother mall's main entrance is the 'mother inn' WeChat menu.It is reported that 'mother Inn' is Yuantong before the layout of the line under the physical terminal for the mother mall to provide the last mile service.