Xiong of the touch of the net slightly heart | but are entrepreneurial opportunities?

April 1, 2017, Xiong became the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone and Shanghai Pudong New Area after a national significance of the new area, to undertake Beijing's non-capital functions .This move to the county, Rongcheng County, Anxin County 'Small place' Xiong An overnight fame, many industries also coveted this potential shares from this potential.

Taobao Zhongxiong related Internet virtual goods

It is understood that the starting area of ​​Xiong'an New District is about 100 square kilometers and will eventually extend to about 2000 square kilometers. In the face of such a white paper that can build any blueprint, the entrepreneurs have long been ready to do. , Where we stay blank? We observed the latest Internet platform in the local situation, hoping to use the most intuitive way and everyone to dig the local Internet opportunities.


It is undoubtedly the most representative of the travel platform. Billion state power grid positioning Rongcheng, Xiongxian, Anxin three main street found that the current local taxi and private car line business is still in the early stages, still at In the uneven distribution of vehicles, gathered and other activities of the state.

Positioning in the city of Rongxian County, the main road when the drop of the vehicle display

There are local drops of the driver said, 'in the past to pull their own children are driven by the price of the price, and now the price specification but the job is also more, so earn more or more.' He said that the local people will Choose tricycle travel, the definition of the new security zone, a lot of outsiders to the local office will use the drop, then the order has increased significantly.

In addition to dripping, the public worship, ofo and other shared bike travel platform yet to cover the Xiong area.

Beauty industry

It is understood that the typical city of beauty services, including home nail, beauty, etc. At present, the more typical platform of the river razor home and 58 home nail are not covered to Xiong'an District, but in the US group comments can be found in some of the local nail , Beauty, health hall and other shops.

The United States industry platform is concentrated in a second-tier cities, to the riverhouse, for example, has now covered the north of Guangzhou-Shenzhen, Chengdu, Nanjing, Hangzhou and other eleven cities.According to the introduction, the US industry platform layout will consider the local economic development and supply and demand stock In the demand side, the demand for high - priced women in the United States is greater, and at the supply side, the low cost of transportation and the high cost of rents have made it easier to develop in the big cities.


Movie online shopping platform has been to save the cinema, so the online cinema business can also show the basic degree of the local film industry. Billion state power grid to cat eye movies, for example, to see the security of the theater online situation:

According to the information, Xiong'an three counties have an online theater, Xiongxian Baihua theater is just online, but there is no synchronized film information can not purchase tickets; Anxin County Baina International Studios can buy, but can not view the screening; only Rongcheng Golden Palm's online business is also relatively complete, but the day of the online movie only four. The mainland has not yet equipped with Wanda Cinema and other cities common theater.

View the US group reviews information can be found, KTV, table games, foot and other items of online shops, although relatively rich, but most of the query and commentary records, almost no trading entrance.

City direct delivery

Shared economy is the representative of the Internet thinking.Wangbang power network to understand that do not rely on take-away business of the city direct delivery platform flash, fast service, etc. have not yet covered Xiong area, and the main service take-up delivery services such as Dada personal business, There is no layout yet.

A city service market official said that with the construction of the security area, the local service must be an opportunity, but not in the short term outbreak. 'Xiong of the city to send the cost is not high, direct delivery to the city and some share of the economy Service demand is not high. "He said, and most of the Internet platform, the same city service on the security is still wait and see state.

In fact, the Xiong'an District itself has manufacturing industry as a pillar industry, covering clothing, bags, plastic products, etc., but the current catenary situation is not ideal, but the new Internet opportunities often exist in the 'not yet Internet Of the scene ', like to achieve one-to-many interactive sharing of live, like to achieve short-distance scene of the Internet sharing of bicycles ... ... from the status of several industries is not difficult to find, Xiong is not covered by the Internet scene is also very much, There are many opportunities, is about to usher in a new change.